Fun things to type in gdb

Want to see what the C++ interpreter is up to in gdb?

(gdb) bt
#6  0x0f42155c in BytecodeInterpreter::run (istate=0xd0f7e55c) at bytecodeInterpreter.cpp:857
(gdb) call PI(0xd0f7e55c)
thread: 0x10108650
bcp: 0xf20efe8b
locals: 0xd0f7e5b4
constants: 0xf20f01f8
method: 0xf20efea8[ javasoft.sqe.tests.vm.jdwp.StackFrame.PopFrames.popframes001a$TestedThreadClass.testedMethod(I)I ]
mdx: 0x00000000
stack: 0xd0f7e558
msg: no_request
result_to_call._callee: 0xf2070188
result_to_call._callee_entry_point: 0xf5e95184
result_to_call._bcp_advance: 3 
osr._osr_buf: 0xf2070188
osr._osr_entry: 0xf5e95184
result_return_kind 0xf2070188 
prev_link: 0x00000000
native_mirror: 0x00000000
stack_base: 0xd0f7e55c
stack_limit: 0xd0f7e54c
monitor_base: 0xd0f7e55c
self_link: 0xd0f7e55c

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