Super-dirty jtreg hacking

Today I made my second official patch to OpenJDK. I forgot how to make the jtreg test and had to figure it out all over again, so here’s my quick and dirty guide for the future:

  1. Build jtreg. I use the IcedTea one, because it’s there:
    make jtreg
  2. Make a test root and copy your test into it:
    mkdir -p tests/tests
    touch tests/TEST.ROOT
    mv ~/ tests/tests
  3. Run the tests:
    openjdk-ecj/control/build/linux-ppc/j2sdk-image/jre/bin/java -jar test/jtreg.jar -v1 -s tests

In other news it’s over a year since I started hacking on Zero. I was hoping to be able to announce a TCK-passing build before Christmas but that’s not going to happen. Oh well.

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